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Phaeder Global Finance Solution has chosen to be a grand company, a company of collaborating craftsmen. We believe firmly in delivering custom-made quality.
“It’s not just service. It’s personal.” – Richard Phaeder, President of PGFS

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Innovative solutions for your business.
“Exceeding Your Expectations Every day.”

Phaeder Global Finance Solution was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2001. The goal of our company is assisting people all over the world in being a part of the Internet trading community.

About us

Why work with us?

Our company has been in the business since 2001. We protect our customers from a fraud that might appear within financial transactions via the Internet. E-business is constantly evolving each year. We keep up with all the new cutting-edge financial solutions for businesses and individuals. We keep all contacts confidential. This is a simple, quick and safe solution for those who want to word with each other but are located in different parts of the world.

“Let’s get it done.”


What are the advantages of using the services of Phaeder Global Finance Solution?

Escrow companies provide a high-qualified professional law-regulated service to protect the concerns of the Buyer and the Seller. All funds are kept in a special safe trust account to protect both parties. The escrow agent transfers money only after all the requirements are fulfilled, according to the instructions, signed by both the Buyer and the Seller.

Does your company have a license?

Certainly, we are a licensed escrow company. All escrow services offered on this Website are provided independently and exclusively by Internet Escrow Services(SM) (IES), one of the operating affiliates of Phaeder Global Finance Solution. It is “fully licensed and accredited” as an escrow company and is subject to compliance with all applicable escrow regulations, including the US Financial and EuroBusiness Code.

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